Revision Forum


Revision Forum is a web application for teaching and collaborative editing. It is a young application, still under development, but as of this writing its author has successfully used it to supervise the teaching of 80 students in two classes at Nagoya University, and 50 students in two remote-learning writing seminars classes at the Royal University of Law and Economics in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Project Aims

The immediate aim of this project is to extract the essential code from a single server at Nagoya University that is running the prototype, and prepare it for installation on other systems. Once this upstream archive has been prepared, the system will be bundled as a set of Debian packages for distribution.

Information for Developers

Revision Forum on Sourceforge
This is the development site on Sourceforge. If you want to join the project, send mail to Frank Bennett.
Debian Developers' Manuals
Rather irritatingly, no packaging guide seems to be available currently
Producing Debian packages the easy way
Very short guide for getting the basic framework in place

Background Links

Revision Forum
See the system in action. Documentation for administrators and users is stored under this link, in a Revision Forum environment with just one "student". You can log in as a tutor with commenting privileges with ID "guest" and password "guest".
BackTalk is a Zope-based feedback and editing system built by Chris McDonough in 2001 and 2002. There is a good deal of code from BackTalk in Revision Forum, although there are considerable architectural differences between the two systems. The content object used by Revision Forum is named "BackReST", both to signal this heritage, and the fact of significant changes over the original. Logo